sleep on sleep on sleep.Β 

Those meds are da bomb. 

After a week of not getting much sleep because of a crampy stomach, getting knocked out from drowsy meds has been amazing. 

Although, I hate missing crossfit…again! ugh

I woke up in time to eat and take more meds. Sticking with bland foods to ease back into food …banana and toast with light canola oil butter.

That’s the closest I can get to the BRAT diet. lol Plain toast? Nope. 

I moved to my couch instead of bed. Turned on the TV and was ready to pass out yet again!


Got up eventually to let ash out. We enjoyed some fun in the sun. 

He likes big balls and he cannot lie. lol

It was time for more meds so more food as well. Gotta take them with a meal. So happy to have an appetite again. 

I was gonna make a waffle, butter and egg white sandwhich butthe waffles were sounding too good on their own! I also ended up saving the soup and crackers for the next meal. Guess my stomach isn’t fully back to normal. 

I took my meds and decided to try and read a little. When I start new books I hate putting them down! 

Perfect lazy sick day right thurr.

Reading out me back to sleep! Those meds kicked in and I could barely get through two chapters! 

aaaaand out. 

Woke up 4 hrs later. Not time for meds yet so I finally showered. Goodness that feels amazing after the night I had in the ER. 

My bathroom protector should have showered with me…

Have fun outside ash?! lol

I made sure I had a class written up for work tomorrow. Fingers crossed I make it! This will mean no pain or nausea meds since they make me drowsy. So nervous I’ll feel like shit again. We shall see!

More reading til dinner time. LATE din din due to med schedule lol 

Back to that soup plus a hamburger patty because, protein. Don’t leave me baby muscles!!

Time for bed and hopefully feeling super refreshed tomorrow for a fun day at work and the zoo! 

Night y’all. #alldafuntexts #alldasleep 

#wellsaid #nailedit




well that escalated quickly


The day ended at the ER…but started with donuts. Downhill like whoa.

I woke up feeling slightly crampy, but good enough to eat donuts. My mom had made them on the family vacation that I missed, so she had wanted to make them with me now I that saw her the first time since I couldn’t go. She woke up early with me before I went to work to get them made! #motheroftheyear

I wanted some of my healthy foods I had bought to try and get my gut feeling better so I ate a breakfast appetizer lol kefir, granola, and flax with a little stevia.

After I finished getting ready…the main course.

I want them again! Already. We use busicut dough for these. Once a year, every Christmas Eve morning we make homemade dough for our tradition of homemade donuts. Then I use chocolate, Carmel and today, PB icing. Oh. My. Word. Dat PB icing doe. My hands were too messy..and I was too into those donuts to get pics of the icing! Hahaha My fav is def PB and Carmel. 

I went to work for 2 clients and felt pretty good! The running joke with my buddy Chad is that I’m pregnant because of my stomach issues that come and go. “Morning Sickness” lol I told him unfortunately that’s 100% not it. #whompwhomp 

He told one of his clients and they yelled across the gym “eat crackers in the morning before you get up!”…a few minutes later…another member comes up and asks if I’m pregnant. 😐 LOL Chad’s gonna get it. Rumors are gonna get going around the country club. Lol

After work I went home to relax and feel better before my next session. It was supposed to be at 1:30 then she called to reschedule for 4:30. Grrrrr. Crossfit open gym time! (That I had planned on going to, you’ll see)

I had so much time to wait so I went to Target. I wanted to get a book! Buuuuut I couldn’t make up my mind…

What mood was I in?! Cute puppy emotions..or crime?! They were on sale. Time to get reading! Lol And eating all da protein pancakes! 

By the time I made it home after Target my belly was feeling weird and worse than the morning. I thought eating something might help..

That Carmel center in the protein bar is clutch. 

Plus another kefir bowl but with wheat germ this time. Seriously trying anything!

I laid back down on the couch with my heating pad and book. 

Crime mood it is..

Dog hair. errywhere..

The heat wasn’t helping this time. I couldn’t concentrate on reading. And with this going on beside me…When I was trying to have a day without a nap after a convo at the gym ..I wanted to just see how I slept crashing at nighttime..

Thanks ash..

Ok…giving in..

Rainy day feels. Soaking it up.

My stomach just kept getting worse. But I didn’t want to cancel my training session. It was only 30 minutes.. I can handle that..right?! 

I went back to the country club, doubled over in pain. By this time it was 4 pm. My poor client offered to cancel but I wanted to power through since she was already there. Struggle Bus city. But I made it.

I went straight home to lay down. I had a bag packed ready for open gym but just couldn’t do it. Unavailable eye candy was gonna be there. I guess not going was for the best. #findavailableeyecandy 

This is where pics stop. I was in bed or the bathroom in the worst pain/super nauseous state ever. Ever ever. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. When it hit midnight, and I had been tossing and turning in pain for 9 hours, I coudln’t wait another 8 hours for clinics to open. My mom found an ER that has a “pay based on income” option. I need to hit full time asap at work to get benefits!!! 

They did blood work, urine sample and CAT scan. What they found is TMI but I will be ok. Not dying. Whew. Girlie issues. Why can’t I be a guy. Lol 

I got some prescriptions and I went straight to a 24 hours pharmacy. Looking like straight hell. Make up smeared from getting sick…hair up in a ponytail holder but falling out all over the place from tossing and turning in bed..baggiest sweats I own since everything tight felt awful on my belly. The pharmacist must have felt so bad for me. He gave me a good discount since I didn’t have insurance. Lol I coudn’t stand up straight while placing the med order. And asked to go lay in my car while I waited. Lol He felt my pain. Love ya dude.

The meds make me super sleepy so I’m gonna head to the couch and pass out. Back on writing check tonight! #nocrossfit #noUnavailableness #wakinguptoacheckup #daymade



#squatbooty #watchout #dangerous 

Can I just workout all day?

Woke up feelin like shit….again. coffee…again.


Late post due to wanting sleep and my mom being here. I usually have to wait til she goes to bed to write and I just wanted sleep since I’m not feeling well. Still.

Started yesterday with some applesauce to try and tame my tummy cramps instead. So not the same as morning coffee. 

Before heading to work I kept with the usual breakfast this week..

Omg you guys..when my mom is staying with me, I find super weird things out about myself. Like, I get mad when she leaves k-cups in my keurig machine. I take the cup out first thing before even reaching for my coffee mug. I don’t want to somehow ruin the machine lol. And now…this…

OMFG. I am so weird. When I get butter..peanut butter..anything out of containers, I keep it nice and smooth! Hahaha This drove me CRAZY when I opened it up and saw how she destroyed it! HAHAHAH dear lawd..someone help me.

I only had one client today. Thank the Lord.. I felt like shit the entire time. Went home immediately after to eat a snack and lay down hoping to feel better soon. 


I napped for about 2 hours. It felt good to lay curled up in a ball. When i woke up I realized my phone hadn’t been charging the entire time. So I laid there longer just playing on my phone while it charged. You’re welcome for all the memes….

Just talked about this!!! Lol 

Chyna’s feels…My feels if I ever get a triple digit squat snatch.

My mom and I were also going to look at paint to paint my front door and foundation around the bottom of my house…found this as inspiration..

And then found this as a cheat day need..

Adding banana and pb…genius.

There’s more but they will come at the end lol. 

I eventually ate some food before heading out to run errands with my moms. Whole wheat waffle, egg white and cheese sandwich with a bowl of plain fat free yogurt with pb and cinnamon stirred in. 

We went to Lowes after this. I needed to get paint samples to find a color for my front door and the foundation around my house that is meh looking. We also looked at new storm doors since the one on my house is probably the original lol And we got white spray paint to paint my dark green mail box. Baby steps to getting my house cleaned up outside! yas!!

Then a stop at kroger to get some healthy food. I did a google search to try and find ANYTHING to help this belly issue i’m having. You’re gonna see some different things comin at ya for a bit. lol

We went home and I laid on my belly for a sec before heading to the gym. Fingers crossed working out makes me feel better like Tuesday!

Obviously iPhone shuffle came up with a Pound track memory..

Thanks to my buddy Ryan being the coach, we got to work PCS lifting into our warmup time. Thanks to the heat…shirts were off already. Not gonna complain. 

The wod was rough. I didn’t know how my belly would do with TTB. After the warmup I felt decent so my suckiness at TTB was clearly just my own suckiness at TTB. Lol I need to do those at Open Gym when I do Monday’s wod. We also had to run while holding a 25lb weight plate. I so wish I had a weight vest. I feel like the awkwardness of holding a plate is the worst part! And it wears my arms out more than if it were a vest! Ugh. So jealous of the people who wore a vest. 

After class was PCS time. Since we already did the planned PCS, I did whatever mah boys were doing. Bi’s for the guys to start out. Eye candy switched things up and we did the usual 3 sets wide grip, 3 sets narrow grip, but we did 7 reps halfway up, 7 reps starting at halfway and going all the way up, 7 reps full ROM. I had to back that weight all the way down 5 lb plates on each side. Burn baby burn. After this we did 3×10 lat pulldowns. Into 3×10 dips, and 3×10 ring dips. Finally, finished off the shoulder burn with 3x 30sec. Handstand holds into 3 negatives down to an abmat. Woof. Arms officially dunzo. But…tummy felt great! Can I just workout all day long?!

Headed home ready to eat! When my tummy feels good I want allllll da food! Lol My mom was busy spreading fertilizer and grass seed in my yard. She wasn’t coming inside to eat…she doesn’t get my food obsession after working out. Lol gotta hit that prime refuel window! Haha I had to grab a pita with butter as an appetizer.

She finally came in and we made some ground beef burgers sprinkled with salt (she brought me more meet from my grandparents cows! YAS!), and some butternut squash with cinnamon and butter.

And to finish out my fat and carbs…

CLEAN EATING chocolate cookie dough cake.

Ok..I couldn’t resist the PB frosting. #sorrynotsorry

After this I just showered and sat down for a bit because I could feel my belly cramping again. I just needed sleep. I want to feel better!!! I’ll try to get my usual post out tonight if I get home from Open Gym soon enough. My 1:30 pm client rescheduled for 4:30 so I’ll be arriving to open gym later than expected. Grrrrr. Least fav thing of my new job! This is supposed to be my make up day for other late appt days! Or sick days. 

OK…time to be productive. I want to buy a new book. I’m going through fun reading withdrawals. GoT marathons have taken up a lot of my free time. Lol I need to balance that out. 

Time for meme overload. Have a great Thursday ya’ll!

#pizzaisbae #truelove

Hence..I need dis shirt. And pizza.

#illtakeit #both


#fuckinhell. #ilovefood #dying #peeeeeeza 

When all I do is go to the gym and the gym crush is taken…time to find a new gym.  

Back to crossfit…life is good again. Almost.

Crossfit today. Yes. Coffee. No. 😦 #depresso #almostperfect

I still woke up not feeling 100%..but def felt better than yesterday! Whew. Back to work. Which actually felt oh so good.

I did eat something to try and make my tummy feel better.

Another adult icee aka acai packet, and toast with butter.

Off to work. I had 3 back to back clients. They were all super fun and felt good to have a day of only training my clients. I ate a snack after I was done while I did some computer work and caught up with Chad on his vaca. 

GIMME PROTEIN!!! My baby muscles are wasting away! #muhgains #muhheart

Check out dat Carmel doe.

Wrong thing was in focus. But you get it. #quickieworkpics

I headed home later for lunch and a nap before my last client at 1:30. My mom was just about to leave to buy ingredients to make a cake we had talked about making last time she was here. Can’t believe she remembered! Lol So I got some peaceful nap time after fooood.

Momma brought the goods.

Grandmother’s homemade chicken and noodles. Ultimate sickness home cooked comfort.

Plus….all da chicken and noodleness.

And dessert…lol…


This nap was the BEST. I slept on my stomach  and for the first time in 3 days, I felt normal. I didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off. 

The second I stood up I felt a little weird again. Bleh.

My one client was super sweet. We are just working on strength. She is in her 70’s so it’s basic, but fun!

When i got home it was funny to see a visitor greeting me..

With my mom here he gets to be out more and I LOVE it!..not as much as him though.

When I walked mom had found a surprise while cake ingredient shopping…

She gets me.

I literally JUST posted about finding this on IG. 

Had to. 

And it’s life changing.

Shit. #buhbyeabs

Now I need marshmallow fluff.

I decided I needed veggies in my life after this.

Is it crossfit time yet.

On the way iPod shuffle found another Pound track memory..

I’m gonna keep posting these until I get to teach again. #sorrynotsorry

The wod today made me a little scurrrred. My tummy still wasn’t the best while I stood there waiting to start. After warming up I actually started feeling a little better. And midway through the wod, I felt perfect! WTF. Why wasn’t I working this shit out of my system sooner! I RX everything except the last round. I went 85# on the thrusters. After the 3rd round at 80# I wasn’t sure I’d survive. Thank the Lord for eye candy writing his numbers up on the board between rounds to keep that motivation goin. I might have been caught a couple times. Sickness has me off my game. I still died. On the floor. #loveit #neededit #missedit #threedaysaway #datstubbledoe #fuck 

What was I saying…

Oh..PCS…today I decided to do yesterday’s PCS since it was all the snatches. I need that shit. What I hate to do, I need to do. Plus back squats. My fav. about died..but made it. Can’t get weak. #growdembabymuscles

Ya’ll…I hit 90#! Fuck. Yes.

I haven’t hit that close to my 95# PR in the Open since the Open.

I didn’t hit every rep, but I kept going until I hit 2 of them. Felt oh so good. 

After this I worked on my dubs. Not my best day. I only got 2/5 sets of unbroken 20’s. Tomorrow. A new day.

I had to peace out because I was meeting my momma for din din. Hibachi! I had a Groupon I had bought for dinner for 2, $25 off. #singlelife #nodate #momtotherescue

It was going to expire tomorrow sooo…

That moment a Japanese restaurant runs out of their famous ginger salad dressing…:-| #pissed

But then yum yum sauce came out and I was ok..

So. Full.

And it’s not even cheat day Saturday. Shit. Momma needs to visit on weekends. lol

Tomorrow is all da veggies and all da protein.

On the way home I heard  another Pound track..a sign?!…i wish..

Remember that cake…


Chocolate Cookie Dough cake. And there’s so much left over. Who wants some?!

I may or may not have busted out the PB frosting for a few bites! 

But it’s from this clean eating cook book so it’s healthy….right?!

Just say yes. 

OK..Now that WordPress messed up and made me start over from almost the beginning of my blog after writing 3/4 of it it’s way past my bedtime. More crossfit tomorrow..and fingers crossed for coffee.

Night ya’ll.

#me #therestofthisweek

#iwillfindyou #andiwillbuyyou

Ashton likes everyone, so…

#sweet #butalsomightcutyou


sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I miss my coffeessss. (And crossfit)

I woke up at 3 am with the worst stomach cramps. Got out my heating pad and hoped for the best. The best didn’t happen. I was doubled over trying to put make up on..NOT drinking coffee. I had to email my 6 am client and cancel. I wasn’t going to survive.

He wasn’t emailing back so I finished getting ready..not eating..not drinking..anything. I was ready to cry on my way to work.

As soon as I got to work I got his email saying he understood that I needed to cancel. I text my boss immediately and asked if I could go home. I sure wasn’t going to be a good trainer today. I could barely talk. I sped home with a trash bag on my lap. Yikes. 

I went straight back to bed for another 3 hours. Woke up feeling a little better. Decided to eat something. The only thing that sounded good was the acai packets I remembered were in my freezer. Instead of making a bowl I just ate it like an icee pop!!! I already know what breakfast is tomorrow. This was delicious.

It set really well in my tummy. Just what I needed. Good enough I got hungrier so I ate a protein bar to hopefully feed my wasting away baby muscles. Lol #imissgym #forsomanyreasons 

Moved to the couch and checked in on social media. Time hop killin me like usual.

Dem ears doe. 

My mom had planned on coming today and kept with the plan despite my tummy issues. While I waited I drank some chicken broth (so not coffee meh) and snacked on graham crackers. My boss text to check up on me and said to eat dry foods in case I had a stomach ulcer like he’s had. Graham crackers it was. While napping and listening to HGTV and Forensic Files. 

Oh …and did I mention rolaids are a food group in this house now?! They are totally working so I am scared to stop eating them. Lol

My mom had to get stuff out of her car and wanted to take ash out when she got here. He lovesssss her! Fav playmate ever. I think it’s the cutest cuteness ever.

I was actually starving when she got here. Yay! Decided to play it safe and my mom wanted to have soup with grilled cheese and crackers. 

Plus more sprite and tums. Lol Kickin this shit in the balls. 

And now I want grilled cheese all day, erryday.

I don’t know when I last had grilled cheese but I wanted about 50 more. 

After eating my mom had to get stuff from her car…He can’t leave her. …What about me bud?!

We were lazy together after this. All da catch up time. Played out back with Ash for a bit. More Forensic files. Only getting up for bathroom breaks for everyone. 

Such a pretty sky last time I took ash out…

Ended the night sharing some popcorn while watching a TV movie. Time for sleep, ant acid chews, and fingers crossed for a healthy tomorrow! 

Night y’all!

IG Overload #sickdaynumberthree #cantstopwontstop



#damnpizza #andoreos #andicecream





#every #day #damnit #therewentthatopportunity #noonewilleversee 


just kidding.

Sunday Feels. 

Sooo when I wrote this morning about having a goal to be outside most of the day. Yeaaa..I was just drinking my coffee. AFTER 1.5 cups of coffee.. I was right back to feeling like death. WTF. Another day at home. Only left once to get sprite. Not finishing coffee..and missing Sunday Funday crossfit..something is seriously wrong. This better be gone tomorrow so I CAN make crossfit…or I will not be a happy camper. 

This is going to be short. I am wondering if I completely exaughsted myself the last two weeks with no sleep and stress from all of chad’s clients. I need sleep tonight and my 6 am client has my alarm set way too early! 

I started out trying to eat more oatmeal..because carbs help everything…right!? Lol ..Plus all the super seed and ancient grain super powers?!


Felt worse.

Sat around for a bit hoping to feel better and go to the gym.

Time hop for all da smiles.

Sunday ab check wasn’t much fun when you feel sick and bloated. Buuut it is, what it is…

Forgot to do the bicep check until later..might have had to run to the bathroom. Eeeeeek.

Ash…not so impressed. Lol

Since I couldn’t make it to open gym..I made myself at least mow my yard. I knew I could run inside if needed. Lol

Left the house this one time to get sprite! Most boring weekend ever. Being sick blows.

Got the front yard mowed..back yard…ran out of gas. #soclose #missperfectionistisdying

Played with ash for a bit outside before I completely ruined the fun..

When you try to avoid your neighbors..this is not a good situation to be in…lol

We went inside hoping they would just find it and throw it back over.

Still waiting. 

The rest of the day was spent on the couch. GOT marathoning. 

Tried snacking on more carbs. 

Ash got in his feet rubs..I mean, what else are Sundays for?!



All da sunday feels.

Completely passed out.

When I was googling what to eat with an upset stomach..and the google ads are just cruel..

I scrounged up items in my cubbard to make my own chicken noodle soup. Chicken (slightly scared since I ate that Friday night before getting sick), spagetti I got for free once forever ago, and chicken broth I bought for a recipe I never made. Lol

Anyone need noodles?! Lol 

The rest of my day was on facebook and IG…so here is a bit to spice this post up a little! Then bed. Night ya’ll! Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow! And crossfit! πŸ˜›

Wait…there was a leg shaving season?! 

All of dem. #lotsandlotsofcardiosessions #sharemypb #numberonesupporter 

This needs to happen. What is this peanut butter frosting!?


…back to that frisbee…rip.

Who’s up for a workout?

I should really learn to buy a small.

Me. because I never get ready. 

i somehow didn’t die yesterday.

Woke up dying. How I survived I have no clue. Pretty sure I had Ebola…or food poisoning. Same thing. Threw out everything I ate part of last night! 

When I wake up and don’t want coffee. First sign something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

I was trying to stay strong and get ready for work..but couldn’t stay out of my bathroom. #TMI

I emailed my boss after an hour of this. ….no response after 30 minutes.

Kept getting ready…kept running to the bathroom. Doubled over in pain.

So I text him…and still no response. I got in my car and started driving to work almost hugging my steering wheel because my stomach hurt so bad. Almost crying. 

Ding. Finally a text back! He was going to email anyone coming to my functional training class! And my 8:30 am training session! Thank the Lord! Never did a U Turn so fast! Holy Shit. 

I felt HORRIBLE having to do this. I hate calling in sick. Especially last minute like this! Ugh. I felt like a horrible employee. 

I’m always scared they are going to think I went out drinking the night before. And I SWEAR that’s not me. 

I went straight back to bed. Poor ash didn’t know what to do. He would lay next to the bed for a bit..then go get comfy on the couch. I heard him upstairs a few times running around on the carpet. Lol 

There aren’t many pics from the day when you stay in bed til 2:30ish.

I decided to finally try and eat something to see if that would help me feel better.

Mixed up some oatmeal with cashew milk, cinnamon, stevia and PBfit powedered peanut butter. Oh and a little sugar free syrup!

Then laid back down. Lol

It actually helped! I started feeling decent and kept drinking water. Moved to the couch finally! Progress!

Hallmark movies FTW.

When it hits 6 pm and you haven’t had anything except oatmeal alllll day..and it’s cheat order pizza. 

And play outside until it arrives.

Love dem ears. 

I totally confused him and he couldn’t find his stick. lol Looked for a good 5 minutes before running up to me like, mommy help! lol

Then finally food arrived! 

I love me some cheese for my crust. And Hallmark movies. always. 

As soon as this movie know what time it was…GOT!!!

Ash was stoked too.

I think it’s his fav show too.

He was saying thank you.

Season 2 time! 

This boy is really making me mad. 😐

Besides this my day was spent browsing IG and facebook so to make this post slightly more interesting I’ll share some of my finds hahaha…

#toomuchfoodtoeat #sorry

#pumpkinspiceseasoniscoming #gimmealldapumpkin #sobasic

#me #imtheguy

#itsbeentoolong #needanewpair #theseweresoldout #fyi 

One of chad’s clients and I had a conversation about our closets and what gets hung up vs. folded and put in drawers. We both want to switch out our gym clothes and put them all on hangers since those clothes are life. Not real clothes. Lol Sunday Funday project. 

#mynextbirthday (its in πŸ˜‰ lol might want to write that down)

Dem cute bubble butts doe. Had this convo before. Boys have them too. Can’t get caught staring from behind. When we line up to warmup, you wonder why I like to stay behind the cute booties. πŸ˜‰ #alldasquats #alldagoodmornings

Speaking of deadlifting… #withyourclothesonatleast 

#goalsAF #datcrossfitlife #promiseilluseafile πŸ˜‰ 
…And that’s what happens when I don’t leave the house all day. Goal for Sunday..Stay out of the house..if my tummy will cooperate. See ya’ll tonight! Peace.

Survived. And learned.

Survived my last day as Chad. As I look back I realize, even though exauhsting, it was mostly fun times. I learned so so much. What works, what doesn’t work, how different people react to the exact same exercise differently. You really have to learn about your clients. My biggest struggle. Missing crossfit for late sessions. Lol Crossfit is my ME time. My favorite time. My work towards goals time. My friend time. My eye candy time. Don’t take this away from me. Lol And don’t make me work super early if I have to work super late too. Lol My body seriously hates me right now from lack of sleep. 

I started today with allll da coffee. Plus the usual breakfast and protein bar.

I had my last 5:30 am client and a 6 am Functional Training Class.

Holy shit I had 10 people show up. If you knew how big this room was you’d freak out too. Lol I think the most I’ve had before was 5. There are 12 stations in this circuit. I almost ran out of stations! It was crazy…and amazballs. 

I had 3 more clients..a couple breaks and done by 10:30. I was so out of it this morning I forgot my work snack. :-\

So ladies lounge snack to the rescue. I’m seriously SOOOOO hungry non stop right now. I have no clue what’s up. I was dying.

Snacked and drank coffee while finishing up some workout plans. 

I was supposed to have another client at 3..but as I was making lunch at home she canceled. I usually hate that…but today I was beyond happy. That meant longest nap ever was about to go down. 

But first food, because my stomach was eating itself. 

I had to eat in three stages because I couldn’t wait that long to eat after making everything. That waffle eggwhite and butter sandwich is total randomness. Lol I ran out of protein last night! Soooo this happened. lol Actually wasn’t too bad. 

I just wanted sleep.

2.5ish hours later…I finally made myself get out of bed. 

For more food…and GOT!!!! 

There was no measuring the PB today. I seriously feel so weird from how hungry I constantly am! It’s cray. 

Then I got ready for the first of our “the box tour” stops. There are a group of crossfit gyms around the city all participating in this. It’s free, no drop in fee, and we get to try out another gym and get to know other crossfitters. I’m super pumped. Especially for Conjugate. 

We were downtown! Fun but weird workout. There was a bit too much rest for me. The working part was the wod was good. Besides the inch worms. Lol I got to talk to a girl from my team. She was super nice and I got to learn more about how things are done at their gym. It makes you appreciate certain things about your home gym even more. 

I carpooled with some of my favs. Fav coaches, fav eye candy. Good conversations. This reminded me of it while I was scrolling through IG.

It was mentioned being lucky to not have, I guess responsibilities at home, like a wife, or fiancΓ©, or family or whatnot that you have to worry about. If I want to go to crossfit. I’m gonna go to crossfit. Some guys from our gym left..and apparently quit going. This meme is what I’m looking for (but crossfitter lol) When I get to that point of having those responsibilities at home, I want that husband or fiancΓ© to be into it just as much as me. I don’t want to eventually have to chose. There is a couple at our gym who will rotate which classes they come to, or sometimes use the babysitting and come together. That. Is. Goals. Someone to look hot together. I just need to find some eye candy that is actually available. Lol Whomp Whomp. :-/

Of course I was starving by the time I got home. The fact I had to make the chicken was killing me. I was ready to eat just rice and cauliflower. 

Longest minutes of my life.


Chicken with season salt, brown rice and riced cauliflower with light canola oil butter and salt. 

Now couch cuddles and more GOT with my main boo.

Shit…she’s got the camera

Omg you guys…

She has DRAGONS!!!! but i have to go to bed!


I wanna watch more!

If I’m totally unproductive tomorrow on cheat day and finally get a big meal in my belly and binge watch GOT…don’t judge. 

Night peeps.


..Feeling bad I didn’t put dumbbells and KB’s away tonight. Fuck. …

Apparently I was in 101 Dalmatians. 

sleep, eat, work, repeat.Β 


Is it Sunday yet when I don’t have to set an alarm? 

Not even in bed yet and I already can’t wait for coffee tomorrow. One more early ass morning. Chad’s flight better not get delayed. πŸ˜‰ 

When your s’mores mini bagels finally come in handy on National S’mores Day. 

If only I had a s’mores quest bar. 😦 

Settled for another Think Thin protein bar. Since I’m always hungry. I’m telling myself my baby muscles are growing. Lol Eaten on the way to work!

I had one 30 minute break today between 5:30 am and 11:30 am. That’s a lot of workin people out! I chugged coffee and worked on some more workout plans during the break. Oh and ate my veggie chips. 

Somehow…I don’t remember how…a conversation got started between me and two guys about my bicep vein goals. Hahaha One guy thought I was crazy and told me not to get “too big” #eyeroll 

The other guy had a bicep vein and wants the cross vein he used to get back in college. Lol They told me to start wearing tshirts so they can see the progress. 

Trust me…the day I get a bicep vein I will brave the ice box we call a gym and wear a tank top!!! LOL!

After my last session I was ready to RUN out of there for food and sleep. 

Pandora always pops on first for some reason in my car when I plug in my phone. This song came on..Florida Georgia Line might be one of my fav country bands. 

Lunch was boring. #sameolsameol

I didn’t even care. I just wanted sleep.  I didn’t have another appointment until 4pm!! 

…until a client text me asking if I could squeeze her in for a stretch session. 😦 

At least I was able to put her in at 3:30. But that was 30 minutes of good napping gone! 

I still got 1 1/2 hour nap. When my alarm went off..I set it for 10 more minutes. Need. More. Sleep. 

Got up finally and ate a snack before heading back to work from 3:30 til 6pm. 

Carbs and fats. My favs. Lol

My stretch session went well. She is one of my super sweet training clients.

Buuuut then what people keep asking me about…finally happened. 

She asked if she could give my number to her single 28 year old nephew. Apparently since I’m “newer” to town and need to see more of cincy and get out, he is a great person for that. Lol 

Oh dear. 

People keep asking me if I’ve met any cute guys at the country club since starting my new job…or…like this…met a cute son or relative. That took a good whole 2 months. Lol This is going to be interesting. 

My other two appointments went by pretty fast. I had one little 30 minute break between them. 

Afterwards I was already starving again. Lol I had to get gas which seemed to take so much extra time when I’m hangry!!!

No crossfit tonight. For one, I am exauhsted and two, super late clients. Next week hopefully I can make Thursday Funday. All da practice needs to start happening. Technique. Form. Strength. I found a video on IG today that I’d LOVE to try to help with bar muscle ups and help me get rid of my chicken wing. Hurting my shoulder is not an option. Fuck that. PRACTICE! 

Dinner mood = need cheat macros. #itallfit #boom 

One of those days where things got to me. Needed a pick me up to snap out of it. 

We can just look a little closer at the star of the meal..

Salted Carmel Oreo thins dipped in peanut butter to round out the Fat macros! At this point I wanted the whole container. Promise I didn’t…..seriously. Lol

Thank goodness for Ashton to brighten my mood. My ride or die..sidekick fo life…reading buddy..writing buddy. #alldalove

My one year reminders..melting my heart..and making me smile..

I literally had to crawl under this car in office clothes to get him out and get back to work. #alwaysmystinkerbutt 

One more super early morning. Bring it. And coffee. 

Night peeps.


#ipodshuffleftw #youknowyouloveit

#me #thisweekend 

two more days and counting.

That about sums me up. #alldacoffee #soweird

Two more 5:30 am days. But who’s counting. 

Another quickie so I can get some sleep. πŸ˜‰ 

Breakfast as usual! Plus I was hungry as usual also I ate the protein bar on the way to Crunch to teach my class.

I had two ladies show up to class. Fun times as always. Still keeping my fingers crossed for teaching Pound soon! By far my fav class to teach. 

Work was busy busy. Only one break that consumed with coffee, my veggie chips and workout plans. I was done at 11:30 for the morning so I sped home to eat and NAP!!! I heard this on my iPod shuffle on the way..

Forgot about this song! Always a goodie. And still sad Sam Hunt is married now. πŸ˜‰ 

Time hop is going to kill me with baby ash pics.

He would drag that kettle bell around now. 

Lunch was my usual extra lean ground turkey, spinach salad with wonton strips and some bell pepper.

Aaaaaaand NAP TIME!!! A full hour. Closing my eyes never felt so good. 

Woke up in time to write a workout, pack my gym bag and eat a snack!

Oh and when you freshen up your make up after sleeping and drop your NOT cheap wal-mart eye shadow and it shatters in the sink… #storyofmylife #whyidontbuyexpensiveshit

You better believe I wiped that shit up and will use what I can! #cheap

Maybe food will make it better..

Peanut butter makes everything better.

Work was work. My boss tried talking to me when i said I was rushing to crossfit and I about freaked out. Internally of course. I have never speed walked so fast to my car. Might have ran a red light..or two. 

Barelyyyy made it to 5:30! 

I def scaled the weight…and still died. got 40 reps using 65#. I used the 20# wallball. Probably shouldn’t have. Didn’t get the full stimulus of the workout. Eye candy was right on that note. I was already scaling the weight of the bar…why not scale that too. Damnit. Next time! I still liked hearing that he scaled the weight too. It helps me get past the new idea of scaling to get more efficient before always RXing. 

The lifting before was fun. I read a blog from Crossfit Invictus Tonight about working on snatch balance to help with snatches and dropping under the weight sooooo Sunday Funday it is! I was going to go to Thursday’s open gym…but of course I was given another 5pm client tomorrow. When it comes to crossfit and work balance, I’m not winning. On a good note..the shirt came off tonight. So at least we were winning there. #snatchmotivation lol

After watching eye candy and company do low ring planks …I knew I had to add this to my PCS. Gotta catch up to dem abs! 

Also did my pull-ups all in hollow hold. Not sure if it’s the hollow position..but I feel like I have to pee when I get towards 6/7 pull-ups hahahaha wtf. 

The bi’s for the guys was too light. I swear I used that weight last time and I struggled. I need to add 10’s next time. Maybe we did a very bicep focused wod last time?!

Before leaving I did my long lost dub practice! 5 sets of 20. 30 seconds rest between. The first set was the only one I messed up once at 14 then finished it out. The rest were unbroken! whew! Still got it. 

When I got home I almost missed my driveway…I noticed i FINALLY have flowers!!! My FIRST home grown flowers from bulbs! I didn’t kill something. Totally Susie homemaker now. Watch out.

Dinner was outside in the PERFECT weather.

Extra lean ground turkey, riced cauliflower, brown rice and light canola oil butter. alarm is going off in almost 4.5 hours. Ugh. Time for bed!

Night ya’ll.


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How did they find my exact words?! 

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