I’m here!

I was trying to post this and blogger’s site went down or something?! Soooo just in case y’all still have this site here it is! I’ll try and post it to blogger later.


Welp, my last client of the day canceled so y’all are in sweet sweet luck. Hahaha I still have something in an hour or so but I’ll try to keep this fast since it’s boring with no pics!

Yesterday started “late” with a 5:15 alarm. When that’s late, life is crazy.

It was a day full of macros. And PEANUT BUTTER! I mean, it was national peanut butter day so how could you not eat it with every meal?! My perfect bars were PERFECT. πŸ˜‰ I also brought back my good ol favorite, sweet potato+peanut butter+cinnamon+syrup. OMG orgasmic. Then I ended my day with banana and peanut butter. That combo is as good as a candy bar to me. I want more right now. Damn it. Lol

I had three clients and then headed home to get a snack and change for crossfit. Stupid Wednesdays. No 4:30 crossfit for me. No friends and fav. At least my buddy Chad came this time.

Class was pretty fun. Well, started out fun. Haha We got to do the clean ladder from the comp coming up!! I was so sad, I did my math wrong and wanted to end on 155 for my clean, but ended up on 145. whomp whomp. At least I know I for sure can get my old PR of 145. Hahaha #155goals

Second part of class got spicy. Those OH lunges tho. I got in two full rounds just in time. My over the bar burpees were NOT as fast as Sunday to say the least. I don’t think I had enough carbs before this class. It shows later….I need to figure out food on noon class days! #thestrugglewasreal

My buddy chad and I stayed to do allllll the accessory work. Some deadlift holds, some HEAVYwallballs and HSPU’s (yes, more) some sled pushes. #dead

I tried doing my 100 cals right after all of this. Tried being the key word here. Holy. Shit. I couldn’t stay above 60 RPM’s!!! Wtf! I was staying above 65 on Tuesday. I had absolutely nothing left in the tank. Embarrassing really…my time was 9 something. I don’t even want to look it up. So. Freakin. Bad. I was NOT going to text that to fav. Plus, I didn’t want to keep bugging him every single time I couldn’t make it to 4:30. I don’t want to annoy him. …This is why I’m single. I feel like I annoy people when I text them first. LOL #smh

I was going to do the pushups but I had zero time. I had to get home and eat and change before heading back to work for 2 1/2 hours! Ugh.

I only had 2 people show up to my class this time. That’s so worth missing crossfit for. ….not.

I wasn’t home until 7:20ish. It’s different getting home late from fun crossfitting than getting home late from work. Plus, I still had to make dinner, shower and write up my class and two workouts for 6 am – 9 am fun the next day. Not a happy camper.

The only upside to the longest day in history, another instagram post made “worth it” with a like from fav AND a comment. Multiple comments at that. Hahaha #highlightoftheday #doubleworthit

Time to get ready for one last thing on my schedule before crossfitting tonight. According to chad it’s going to be spicy. I don’t think we will be doing our 100 cals after this today. LOL

I’ll try to write again tonight in case anything fun happens tonight at the gym! I still have to write up my class for tomorrow morning but hopefully I have time for both!

Peace playas.


still trying.

hmmmm not sure the new page is working… gonna keep trying!!! do people have to sign in to google accounts to read blogger sites?!? so confused. Don’t leave me! I have faith I can figure this out….maybe. jk hahaha πŸ˜› If anything, I’ll copy and paste what I wrote last night onto here sometime today! #imsocheap #refusetopayforthis

UPDATE: i THINK it’s fixed. One might need to make sure the blog is set to “public” and not “private” before posting. #dontjudge

stuck in the middle.

Happy hump day! It doesn’t seem like Wednesday since I had Monday off work, but I’ll take it.

Today I had two of my morning clients cancel on me so I didn’t go in until 8:00. So needed after a late night din din with friends. Then, my next client canceled too. I coulda slept another 30 minutes! Damnit. Lol I had 2 back to back clients and then my last client never showed. Great day. Hahaha

I headed to the gym at noon since I had to teach my evening class. It was rough. In so many ways. I get sad at the gym now just knowing how different things are. Ughhh. The workout was rough! Some barbell cycling for time. 21/15/9/6 Push press, Front Squats, hang power cleans. Woof. I def couldn’t RX. But I did 80/95/105/115. I thought the push press would kill me. Nope. Damn hang power cleans. Those got spicy realllll fast. I already have some gnarly bruises. Next was a 12 min AMRAP 3 burpee box jump overs, 3 cal row, 6 and 6, 9 and 9, and so on. I ended up doing the assult bike though. That was super fun. Lol I ended up into the 18 round getting into 5 calories. I was dead. Everything hurt and I was dying. I seriously almost bit it on the first set of BBJO’s. The owner did great at pushing me through the end. I needed it. Bad. He also gave me great tips for the hang cleans I hate so much to get me through them faster. He’s honestly a great coach. I feel bad when he brings up the people who left. I see his pain and struggle with all of it and feel so bad. But I also really miss my friends. I keep watching the other gym’s IG story and even more of my favs were on there today. I want to be in both places. Those boys made 4:30 my fav. My old eye candy is gone folks!!! Shit got real. Maybe I just need my trio to be back together and I’ll stop being so sad. Is it Saturday yet? I need trio time. They all better be out for the Harry Potter bar crawl!! Haha

I had to leave and head home to write up a class and workout for a client and my class tonight. I only had one freakin person in the class. This evening stuff is getting annoying. Getting alllll ready again just for that. Hmm.

I headed home as fast as possible because my mom is here for the night! She had text me earlier today asking if I had dinner planned…and I text back saying “casein pudding” hahaha Poor mom. I seriously have felt like shit since eating whatever I want for my birthday week since Friday. I needed an RP day to get my tummy back to normal! Hahaha We might get Sleepy Bee for brunch tomorrow after I’m done working at 11 am! Brunch dates should be more of a thing. Love me some breakfast food! But I miss my abs. Haha I can’t wait to get them back in January! I’m so fluffy now! Bahhahaha.

Oh, and I started a Blogger site ya’ll!!!! As soon as I have time to get it designed kinda like this one, I’ll have pictures again! Yassss!!! I’ll post on here letting you know when I’ve switched over! And a new link will go in my IG profile. Until then, tons of boringness on here. Sorrrrrry.

Ok, time for bed. Gotta be up at 4:15. Whomp whomp.

Night peeps.

The good and the bad.

Back to reality. Back to work. Having two days off in a row by taking my birthday off yesterday was the absolute best thing in 5 months. Ugh. Not a fan of a 6 day work week. Can I just work from home 5 days a week please. Mmmmkay, thanks.

Soooo much cuddle time with my stinkerbutt makes me sad going back to the usual schedule. At least I only had one client today. And at least I am starting to feel not so fat from all of the birthday treats! Hahaha I have one more dinner tonight and gonna try to be healthy with my mom tomorrow. We will see how well that goes!

Especially after this crazy weird devastating week. I seriously can’t take all of the people leaving the gym. I am getting super sad especially when I see the “other” gym posting IG stories that show my old gym buddies working out there! (Insert bawling emoji) I feel like I’m never going to see them again or talk to them again. My old fav 4:30 time will NEVER be the same. I’m so bad at reaching out to people that friendships never last when I don’t see people like I did every week at the gym.

At least I have my crossfitting to keep me sane. I went at noon today and worked out with the owner. My other two trio’s are both gone! At least one comes back tomorrow! Whew! I can’t be without them AND have everyone leaving the gym. Although, today was a good day. There was just a big workshop at our gym over the weekend. Expensive workshop.. So I didn’t go. Haha But the owner did and he showed me a few of the exercises they went through. These can help me fix the little things that will then fix the big things! I’m super pumped. I’m going to be his guinea pig. He wants me to not try another ring muscle up until I’ve done these exercises for at least two weeks. I’m pumped to see how it goes! I’ll keep ya’ll updated. The rest of the time was spent on the wod, accessory work and just kinda heart to heart talks. Getting both sides to what’s going on right now makes me so indifferent.

After my happy time at the gym I went and bought alllll da healthy food to try and get my abs back before Thanksgiving. It will be a good attempt..but with pizza tonight, my mom coming tomorrow, and the Harry Potter bar crawl happening Saturday leaving less than a week before Thanksgiving, things don’t look good. Lol My trio text each other today and we all confirmed that it’s bulking season. As long as I’m not alone I’m fine with that. Helllllo holidays. I know where you are abs, I’ll see you again in January. Lol

Time to get some work done before dinner tonight. I’ll try and update this before heading to bed!


Dinner was super fun!!! Ate wayyyyy too much pizza! (we ordered family size for 3 of us bahhahaha).. Talked allll about the gym stuff going on. So sad still. And so mad that I was actually SOOOO ready to leave months ago but couldn’t leave my favs. Now my favs leave when I am having fun with my workout trio. grrrr. Timing. And kinda disappointed, I guess someone else was going to join tonight that has also left the gym..well, maybe…but he didn’t. I feel like I’ll never see people again.

The dinner lasted wayyyy longer than it should and I have way too much work to get done for my busy day tomorrow. I need to get another blog started with pics again. This is so boring, right?! hahaha Soon!!!

G’night ya’ll!

goin with the flow.

Happy birthday weekend! I already can’t wait to get back to the gym. Too many birthday treats. Soooo gym tomorrow. KCC’n it up.

Friday was a decent day at work. I had my functional training class and then all four of my clients were ladies! I kinda found that ladies are my favs. One of them, my young fun girl client, probably in her late twenties/early thirties gave me a birthday gift! When you get gifts from clients you would never expect, it makes me wonder how you really effect your clients days/lives. She cracked me up because she gave me a pill that’s supposed to help you not get a hangover! Bahhaha I told her about my Harry Potter bar crawl next weekend and the fact I never really drink much. She swears this pill helped her at a bachelorette weekend not too long ago. Sooooo we shall def see! Hahaha 

After work was the best time of day…crossfittin time! 

The trio ended up at noon. We started with some pause front squats. I was shocked how much less weight I could do based on my front squat max! They said to get around 75/80 percent of your max. So 75% would be 138..I got 135. Close enough?!?!?! Haha 

Next were some hang squat cleans + sq clean and jerks. I built up to 130. My max squat clean is 145. Hoping this was a good weight to get for adding the hang plus the jerk. 

The wod was rough. 3 RFT. 7 ring MU (scaled to 10 pull-ups and 10 ring dips), 50 air squats, 10 power snatches 80 lbs. I made a bad mistake of not doing a few of the snatches beforehand. That first round was super rough. Then the roughest part was hitting my freakin crotch with the bar! Hahaha I finished somewhere past 12 minutes. Time to get my ring MU back!! Ugh. All da work. 

The rest of the day was spent being lazy with my stinkerbutt. 

As I was laying on my couch enjoying some snuggles I got a text from my work/crossfit buddy asking about a HH time. Then he said he had some juicy gossip…or actually juicy facts about our crossfit gym. I needed this info ASAP! He was driving so he called….

Turns out one of my favs is leaving the gym! Noooooo!!!!! NOT the gossip I wanted to hear!  We better stay in touch or I’ll be super sad! Introvert Lauren is gonna have to learn to reach out to people first asap. 

Still can’t believe it.

Today was an early morning of coffee and planning for my class and clients. I was pretty much straight through from 9 am to noon! At least I came back to see a wod on my phone from the trio! I didn’t think there would be one planned for this weekend. After today’s messages though I’m sliiiightly worried how I’ll get through it. I’m going in tomorrow to KCC to get it done. Woof. scurrred.  

I tried running into Dick’s sporting goods to find a last minute dball for the wod so I could avoid doing manmakers. No suck luck. Shit. I did however get asked out by the Dick’s employee trying to help me find the dball. Hahahahaha After not finding a dball he said he had a question for me now, asked if I was single and that lead to asking if I was looking or if I was just recently single or long time single. Boy….if you only knew how long I’d been single. 😐 hahaha whomp whomp. Poor boy doesn’t know the shyness he’s walking into. He cracked me up. He said he saw me walk by earlier and was like, “there’s my dream girl”…lol. Did he really just say that?! Hair up, big puffy winter coat, tennis shoes…not sure what’s so dreamy about that, but ok. Hahaha Apparently he does strength coaching so he was into the fact I said I had “man hands” from crossfit. LOL! How did THAT even get brought up?! Typical randomness from my mouth. lol Before I had to run out, he oh so slyly had me text his phone so he had my number…so i had to get his number and text right in front of him. No getting out of it. Lol 

Soooooo yea, he def text a few hours later. I debated not writing back. Then…as I sat there ignoring it for a couple of hours…I realized I need practice talking to boys. I obviously failed with my two crossfit crushes that friend zoned me. LOL Sooo I text him. See if I can figure out how to actually get asked out. Hahaha Having a guy who is into lifting heavy shit just like me will be good to give me tons to talk about. Even if it’s not crossfit. Fingers crossed I learn to open up in a normal non boring, non blabbing on about nonsense way! Haha 

All this gym talk. I can’t wait to get back in there with dumbbells in my hands tomorrow! Oh..and did I mention allllll da cardio?! If you don’t hear from me for awhile, the workout killed me. 

Time for some Hallmark Christmas movies and couch cuddles with my sugar butt.  He’s currently on the other end of the couch breaking my heart. Haha πŸ˜‰ g’night y’all! P.S. I realllllly need my fireplace working!!!!

Friday Eve.

This has been the longest week. Ever. Knowing my birthday week is coming has made this week go soooo slow! Haha All I can think about is the yummy food I’m going to eat. My life = crossfit and food. The way to my heart! πŸ˜‰ I weighed in at 134 this morning. I keep going back and forth between 133 and 134. I’ve got this maintenance thing down. Ha! After these next few days I’ll need tonssss more strict days and ass kicking in the gym. Gotta get back down before Thanksgiving. #goals

Just finished off my chocolate casein pudding with PBfit on top! It’s almost gone so I finally broke my “no buying food this week” rule and had to order some Dymatize Cinnamon Bun Casein online today. I don’t want to risk running out!! You don’ know how pumped I am to get this new flavor after trying a sample from one of the trio. Did I mention that the trio may be no more. 😦 Our *coach* is so good that the owner asked him to be a real coach. He may start out small and just have other join our trio PCS time. I’m gonna miss our fun little threesome. Booooo. There went my chance for learning to talk and open up and just be myself with our fun little group. Fingers crossed for more fun Saturday wods I guess. 

Today I didn’t have to go into work until 9:30! I got to sleep until 6:45!!! I woke up at 6:30 on my own …my body was like ummm what’s going on, get up! Ahhh let me sleep!!!

My last client ended up moving to Saturday so I left by 1 pm instead of 2! I’ll take it! But now I’m working til 12 on Saturday. I’m hoping to stay and get a version of comptrain in at my gym since one, part of the trio that goes late to the gym is gone, and two, the gym is closed for a seminar allllll weekend!!! And we all know I need to workout so I can eat more. Haha #birthdaygains 

I finally did some laundry today. My crossfit outfits were looking cray this week since I didn’t do laundry from being gone over the weekend! Haha Tomorrow calls for a pizza shirt. Kick off the birthday weekend right. If it wasn’t so f-ing cold I’d bust out the pizza socks too! πŸ˜› 

I hope to get our wod in at noon so that I have the evening for relaxing and making an appearance at the birthday happy hour. I def won’t eat dinner there but I want to be with the other November birthday peeps for a bit. I will probably be the first to leave. Typical Lauren. Haha I’ll be dreaming about my friday night pint night cuddled up on my couch with stinker butt. #old 

Today’s workout ended up being fun! Hard…but fun! I love workouts that include multiple movements that your rotate through for rounds or time. Today, my arms were on fire. And I think my legs were still on strike after yesterday. The AB cals were awfullllll! My RPM’s were SO SLOW compared to usual! I was dead. I’ve been feeling weird again today, not being able to eat enough to feel full at all. My energy was messed up. I had to scale like whoa. The 2 peg board ascents turned into 1 ascent and 2 strict ring pull-ups for the first two rounds, then just 4 strict ring pull-ups for the final round. The HS Walks ended up being scaled to the half the distance plus 2 wall walks. Woof. I had better luck with the HS walks during our practice post wod. I got farther than I think I’ve ever gotten before! Trying to do it in a wod for time makes me rush and i just fall all over the place. LOL I need to learn to slowwww downnnn and focus sometimes! I also attempted ring MU’s. whomp whomp. fail. I need another gymnastics night!!!! Where did my ring MU go?! *tear* Hopfully tomorrow’s wod is fun so I can soak up one last trio time before it’s shared with everyone.

Welp, time for some puppy cuddles before heading to bed. Early mornin tomorrow for my 6 am class. This time tomorrow night I’ll have halo in my belly. G’night ya’ll! 

Feel. The. Burn.

Happy hump day! It’s a CMA’s blog writtin kinda night! 

I’ve gotten in a new routine of not doing work once I get home for the night and getting up super early to start work for the day before my first session. I was just getting in a bad mood having to do MORE work before bed. Work and coffee is a better combination for this chick. πŸ˜› 

I finally got to work around 7:30 am for my first client. One didn’t show up today. #trainerlife 

Nothing too exciting at the club today. The best part of the morning was my sister sending a snapchat of my niece who had pooped on the floor!!!!! Bahhaha They are my fav entertainment. 

My food is starting to dwindle. I ate/drank 3 different protein powders today. I finally got some crockpot chicken going so I wasn’t overloaded on whey and casein! Lol I refuse to buy more food until next week after birthday treats! I just got another birthday dinner scheduled today on Tuesday after the gym with two of my gym friends! Yikes. This means I should probably make Friday healthy and stick to my usual pint night. I need to debloat for the bar crawl next Saturday! Helllllo pictures! Helllllo water. 

I totally forgot to mention being contacted by a lady on Facebook who owns a fitness studio down in Ft. Thomas Kentucky yesterday! She wrote saying she found me on the Pound website and wondered if I’d be interested in teaching Pound there when their current Pound Instructor moves away. EEEEK! I’ve totally been dying to rock out again! But why is it so far south. Booo. I told her I’d meet her and she wants me to come take a Pound class next Thursday night. So I know I def need to get my crossfitting in at noon that day!! Nothing will take away from my crossfit. Ha! 

Today’s wod was a leg burner like whoa. It was just me and the owner at noon today. Damn evening class kept me away from my fav trio time. At least I heard from them this evening. Even if it was to tell me I owed them more bike sprints tomorrow. Hahaha Shit. I worked up to a 205# deadlift during the 6×3 build to heavy strength portion. I need to max out again. I haven’t maxed out in over a year! I wonder if I can get more than 225? 

After this sparkly belt fun, I set up for the wod but the owner was dealing with stuff on his phone so I did some OH stability work while I waited for him to do that and finish his deads. I did some barbell OH holds at 100# for 30 seconds, supersetted with kneeling single arm dumbbell presses. For the presses I started at 20 lbs and worked up to 30. Crazy how different my left and right arms are in strength! I def need the single arm work fo sho. Wall Balls were gonna be so fun after this….I couldn’t wait. ha. 

The wod was another leg burner! I got 5 rounds exactly. 15 minute AMRAP: 10 deadlifts (155#), 15 cal row, 20 wall balls. Woof. Deadlifts got broken up into 2 sets of 5 after the first unbroken round. 

Lucky me, I got to do a bike conditioning right after. Hahaha Which was actually half of what I was supposed to do. Whoops. I don’t think I ever have a day I do everything right in that gym. Haha! I said I’d add the other 5 rounds tomorrow. Do you think the trio will forget?! (Fingers crossed hahahaha) My guess, nope. πŸ˜›

I just ate a tablespoon of almond butter trying to stay away from Halloween candy while I’m hangry. That stuff is seriously getting thrown away after this birthday week! I don’t like having stuff in my house I can’t eat. It just makes me mad. Haha

Ya’ll, I also can’t stop thinking about doing tomorrow’s long aerobic day allllll by myself in the evening. I have clients til 2 pm tomorrow. Grrrr. I really hope it’s somehow a fun one. I want it to kick my ass…but in a fun way. Hahaha Is that possible? 

Guess I should rest up so I can eat food again. More protein cookies so I can go buy birthday cake quest bars! Haha G’night loves.

wod and done.

Started my Tuesday bright and early to write up a workout for my 7 am client. Two coffees down before 6 am. Ha! 

My client and I seriously talked so much today we barely got her workout in during the 1 hour session! I don’t know what was up with us today! My other Tuesday morning clients were out today so that was my morning! I headed home to get stuff done before crossfitting at 12. 

Unfortunately my productivity was paying bills. Whomp whomp. I finally got the bills from my oh so fun midnight ER visit a few months ago. Yikes. Fingers crossed that NEVER happens again! I had every intention of going to get groceries today…now I’m totally in the mood to see how far I can get with just the food in my cabinets. Veggies will be the first to go. It’s almost birthday week anyways. Hahaha #cheapo 

Actually…I may have to break down and search out a NEW birthday cake quest bar!!!! I mean…how can I NOT buy one when they come out less than a week before my birthday. Seriously though. Meant to be. πŸ˜‰

But that’s it. Not spending any grocery money. I already have pizza night on the brain for the birthday treat! And maybe use my donut groupon I bought a few weeks ago. Hahaha But I also want Sleepy Bee. Ahhhh DESISIONS!!! Plus!..there is a Happy hour/dinner Friday for two other gym November birthdays! Maybe HH for a bit and then my own cozy couch pizza night with my usual pint night?! This weekend is gonna be a killa! I need my ass kicked this week before the food fun begins. Ha! 

Today’s wod was not one of my favs. I’ve had a few I actually liked powering through recently. Not so much today. Dubs get me every. Single. Time. And TTB. Those two things have been some of my biggest struggles aaaaand they were both in today’s wod. At least I didn’t scale. πŸ˜‰ 

Next up, was strict HSPU time. We were split working as guys/girls today hahaha Even with just us girlies, we powered through. Don’t get me wrong…there was some chatting going on, but we made it through all PCS in LESS than 2 hours! Boom. I bet you never thought you’d see the day. Haha I’m really keeping my fingers crossed I can do the same the next two days alllll by my lonesome. Booooo. Stupid work sched. Noon’n it tomorrow and 4pm’n it Thursday while the rest of the trio does the opposite. Friday I’ll probably do 4:30 for one last trio night before us girls are on our own for a week. Yep…gonna be without our *coach*. Things are gonna fall apart. ;-P and it’s birthday week. Hello 10 lbs of birthday treats. I weighed in today .5 lbs LESS than I weighed Friday last week before my trip home so I survived another weekend maintaining!! Birthday week is scaring me though. I already can’t stop thinking about the Halloween candy in my cabinets. I ate some almond butter instead. I refuse to cheat during the week. Only the weekend!! Haha Trying to give myself a birthday rule. We will see how long that lasts. 

After today’s gym day…my next cut in January goal..for someone to say I am too lean. Hahaha yes, please. I like dem abs! And arms! 

And of course, bicep vein goals. πŸ˜› Seriously though…I want to get to the point I can workout in a sports bra and shorts. #biggoals #summergoals 

Random question…why are hats so cute on boys?! I look like a potato when I wear one. Hahaha Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop me. πŸ˜‰ 

Is this time change darkness killin anyone else. It’s 8:30 pm and I’m ready for bed. Haha! I think I’m just ready to wake up and drink coffee and eat again. #foodislife

Time to squeeze in some puppy couch cuddles and try not to fall asleep with my stinkerbutt. Up and at it early again for more workout writing before work! Night peeps.

Family time is the best time.

My weekend back home was just what I needed. I didn’t want to leave. I’m pretty sure I have the best family ever. Sorry for everyone else out there. πŸ™‚

Friday night started with my last class with Dr. Bob as my coach. I’m so glad I got a chance to take a crossfit class with him before he left. We had a little heart to heart afterwards. Or a big heart to heart. Haha I was there forever without getting my final sets of HSPU negatives in! (No worries I got those in later at home). He made the mistake of asking me how my life was with the new job. That always gets me talking. Then we got to talking about me NOT talking. Hahah my introvert issue of not wanting to talk for 30 or 60 minutes straight to clients. Then turned into my introvert issue in my personal life. …How does this always get brought up?! Haha! How I’m never the one to contact people first. Or start a conversation with someone first. How I need to stop thinking/overthinking too much. Or in other words, careing what people think so much. Trying and hoping people like me. I just need to be myself and not give a shit. Do me, for me. The right people will stick around. Why I go mute around people I really really want to talk to. I hate it so freakin much. I avoid the people I want to be around. Makes sense, right?! …..not so much. So it makes them drift away. 

That was my friday night. 

I went home and devoured my friday night pint night of enlightened protein ice cream. ….then some Halloween candy made it’s way into my couch cuddle time with Ash. I’m a total emotional eater. And I have felt less than wanted in friendships lately. When I finally talk and then get ignored it doesn’t do much for the trying to branch out and talk first issue for this introvert. Lol I’m gonna make a New Years resolution to end this frame of mind. Or just start now! Hahahaha I only truly enjoy my cheat meals when it’s earned!!!! I was doing great with that until my visit to my twiny’s last weekend. No more. Buuuuut my birthday week is coming and that will be a different story! #sorrynotsorry Like I said before, this is my maintenance season. Cut number 2 starts in January!!! Sooooo excited! YAS! 

Saturday was healthy and RP approved until I made it home. There was an open house party for my cousin who just had her baby girl. Soooo freakin precious! Makes me miss my nephew and niece being that tiny! Being around my family felt so amazing. I love family get togethers more than anything. That side of my family is the best. So many of us cousins around the same age and love the same things. Aka wine and food. Haha we caught up with yummy snacks for awhile then I headed back to my mom’s to have a hallmark Christmas movie and fire night with her all cozy on the couch. We obviously had some wine and more snacks. Carbo loading to the max. 

Sunday was a long awful drive home. I didn’t want to leave my mom’s to drive through the rain or to go back to reality. I have been getting so many email offers since my birthday is next Monday the 13th. I talked my mom into using the Pizza Hut offer! Lol pizza is life. And stuffed crust pizza is bae. I was needing a good workout though so off we went after lunch. I have never been so stressed driving in the rain! I had to pull over two times it was raining so hard! Then to top it off..I almost ran out of gas! In the middle of a storm. I was tempted to not even workout when I finally made it home but I needed a stress relief. Gym is my happy place. Not so much a regular gym though. Totes missed my crossfit gym. I just want a big open warehouse, heavy weights, a rig. When can I get my own home gym in the country away from people! Hahaha I didn’t eat a single thing for dinner I was still feeling gross from the pizza at lunch! Lol So excited to get back to RP Monday morning!!!

Today was a long long case of the mondays. I forgot about a client who had originally canceled on me but wanted to come back, so when I thought I was headed home to eat, she walked in. OMG. Messing with my food schedule makes a girl angry. Aka, hangry. No bueno. Then, I RUSHED home to finally get food and get back to the gym for a 10 am client…..who didn’t show. 😐 Guess he thought it was at 10:30. I could have stayed home longer and eaten less random/quickly grabbed food. Then, these mix ups took away the time I had planned on using for writing up workout plans for the next client! Stress mode for this perfectionist. Lol I could. Not. Wait. To. Crossfit. 

Things got weird right away, no PCS with the trio. Instead it was allll da snatches in the beginning with the early class. I ended up with a guys bar because the class was so big,  so I wasn’t in the best mood. The weird mood + not being the best at snatches made the EMOM start a little shaky. Thank goodness for the owner snapping me out of it. He gave me some good coaching tips and got me up to working on 95/100# squat snatches. Loved getting that weight up. So close to my max of 105#. He calmed me down and I really really appreciated it. Told me “now you’re training!!” …and I loved hearing it. Snatches freak me out and I need that fear to go away so I can get better and not get mad. 

The wod was a doozy. All thrusters and BBJO’s. The RX weight was 80#…I did 75#. So wish I would have tried RX now. Haha I always do that. The other girls were all scaling so I felt like I should too!! Damnit. It was an ascending ladder, Starting at 3 thrusters, 3 BBJO’s, then 6, then 9 and so on. I got to 15 thrusters and then 6 BBJO’s. Can I do a redo with 80?! Haha

After class I did the Monday back squats. Holy. Freakin. Moly. It was 10×3 at 85% of last weeks max. Yikes. I PR’d at 200# last week. That meant 170#…3 reps…10 times. That legit took me an hour to get through. Hahahahaha If I fall getting out of bed tomorrow, someone call work and tell them I’ll be there eventually! 

Left alone. No trio. No duo. Tomorrow we are all meeting at noon so at least I’ll have my favs for one more day this week. After that my schedule puts me at times I’ll be working out all by myself. Whomp whomp. Get back to post wod recovery food faster I guess! 

Time to shower and get to bed early. I like lots of sleep and I cannot lie. Night y’all!