lunch time wod time.

This week has been alllll about the lunch break wods! The days I don’t have clients it’s amaze. I get to come home and relax allll night and get all the puppy cuddles on the couch. When I workout at night I come home, eat, shower, do work for the next day and go to bed. Poor Ash begs for attention that he doesn’t get and then acts up. It’s been a great week for him. I even got a movie in last night! I miss seeing some of my friends in the evening, but I love my early wods with my favs. 

Tomorrow is the gymnastics workshop for crossfitters. SUPER pumped. I have been looking forward to this since the last one. Fingers crossed I get a ring MU this time! And MORE BACKFLIPS! It’s not until 8 pm though. How do I plan my food?! Lol If I’m super hangry at this event I’m apologizing now. Haha I’ll probably eat for a non-training day since this isn’t tons of lifting or cardio. Hmmm. Hangry fo sho. Lol

So I ended up stopping at Trader Joe’s after my morning work sesh. I have been avoiding that due to the fact I can’t control myself around pumpkin stuff. I went for pumpkin butter that I buy every year after I was reminded of it from one of my favs on RP too. Anything without fats is a need right now in cut 2. Buuuut I also ended up with like 5 other pumpkin items that are going straight into the freezer until my birthday or thanksgiving time! Lol If it’s hard and frozen I won’t be tempted on weekends when I really get the urges. Weeks are easy to stick to diets for me. Weekends have always been my weakness. I think of them differently for some reason. I wish I could treat every day the same! I want to go visit my sister and niece and nephew this weekend but there is never a single healthy food in that house. Yikes. Ugh. What to do. What to do. Love my family time so freakin much and need it in my life bad. 

Welp, time to head BACK to work for an evening session and class. So many thoughts on this. Hm.

Speeding back for my casein pudding and FATS! YASSSS PEANUT BUTTER! 🙂 Dreaming of carbs til then. I’ll see ya’ll later. Enjoy your non work evenings. Peace. 


Four weeks.

Sooo still no pics. I’m going to start posting more pics on my instagram page, if you haven’t already noticed. Lol

Today marks exactly 4 weeks until my birthday! Hard freakin core on the diet until then. November 13th will be infinite macros. Just sayin. Then I’ll be RP’n it between the holiday goodies. 

I might try and start a blog on a different site if I feel like taking that time! Lol I will not be paying for this though that’s fo sho. 

The past weekend was a fun one. For me. Lol Not too exciting otherwise. Friday I had to take a rest day from the gym. My body wasn’t having it. I hadnt’ taken a complete rest day from even light aerobic workouts in I don’t know how long! It was time. 

Saturday I had to work then got to have a gym sesh with one of my favs. Part of the trio. I wanted to make it out to cheer on at the comp that our gym had peeps in, but with an extra client I was too rushed between work and my gym plans. 

The workout was full of running, is this a Saturday thing now?! Lol I need it bad, so I’m not going to complain! Plus more rope climbs! I love getting work in that I know wouldn’t be happening if I was just going to regular class times. I finished with the front and back squats that I missed Friday. Any excuse to wear my sparkly belt and lifting shoes! 🙂 

More importantly from Saturday’s wod…I was informed that there is pumpkin spice Chex mix at Wal-Mart. I’ll be making a trip there this week. That is a need. 

The rest of the day was about weekend fun….or relaxing lol. It was soooo nice out so I took Ashton to the Red Bird hollow trail. Time to listen to music and check out for a bit. Walks through the woods make me want to live in the country even more. No close neighbors. My own garage gym. Big yard for Ash. Heaven. 

I went home to just relax on the couch with my buddy while On Demanding and chillin. My kinda Saturday night. Such a homebody. I may or may not have been asleep by 10:30…that might be pushing it. Lol 

Sunday was a super fun gym day as well. It was girl time with my Tabs! We haven’t worked out together in awhile. I made her go through my Friday planned workout. It was a good replacement from my usual workout favs. We killed it. 

After that Sunday was about being productive. All laundry put away, 2 loads done, all dishes done and put away, just didn’t make it out again for more food. Oops. Scraping by until I go later today after the gym! 

Hoping for a good week. Working on goals: workouts, career, everything. Time to get ready for my happy place. Fingers crossed its warm enough for booty shorts at the gym today! 😛 yikes. Fall. Is. Here.


Welp. Looks like I’ve hit my limit on media files aka pictures on this free version of word press. whomp whomp. 

I can’t bring myself to actually pay for more when there’s probably no one who really cares to read this anyways! haha Soooooo until I figure out what to do, this will be a quick blurb of words. Even more boring. sorrrrrry! 

This week has been full of work, crossfit and RP meals. I officially weighed in the least i’ve weighed in forever!! 131.5! Convinced that I need a large pizza and oreos every weekend now. hahaha jk….but seriously. 

I want to get seriously we shall see how this goes. Someone take my phone from me this weekend before I talk myself into more pizza. 

I had to workout at noon today since I had my evening group class to teach. I looooove open gym time. No one there…except the owner today. I talked him into doing the workout with me so I wouldn’t be doing it  alone! It was tons of barbell cycling and a grip burner AMRAP! I got to stick around and finish up the 5×12 unbroken C2B sets allllll by myself. I love less distractions. It’s heaven. Blast MY fav music. Crossfit it up. Seriously want a home garage gym one day. But I also really like my trio squad/duo this week workouts. My favs. 

It’s funny, I’ve been counting down to the Conjugate box tour night. I thought i’d be ready to change to their gym. Now, I could care less if I even go this Friday night. I don’t want to change gyms. My entire crossfit outlook has changed since meeting my fav trio. Their passion for crossfit..and RP..are on my level and they were exactly what I needed. If any of them get a home garage gym before me we better all get invited 😉 

Time to finish up some work, I need to restructure the abs and arms class I have to teach tomorrow. It wasn’t my fav last week so hopefully I can make it better! Then, hopefully bed before 10pm haha!
Night y’all. Hopefully pics come back sooooon!!! 

favorite days.

In honor of buying tickets to the Potter Pub Crawl in November 😛 Super pumped! This is gonna be the best birthday week ever! 😉

I am feeling better today after getting back to RP life. I took a couple days off for pizza. I shouldn’t have kept those damn leftovers. hahahaha

I weighed in 2 lbs up! Curious to see how tomorrow’s weigh in goes after a non training food day and some aerobic plus gymnasty stuff today at the gym. 

Yesterday’s gym sesh might have been my fav. With one of the trio gone for her wedding day, it was just two out of the three…the gym allllll to ourselves. The. absolute. best. Can it always be that way? No other distractions. Just alllll the crossfitting with one of my favs. and running. lots..and lots of running. hahaha So needed after my RP break. We also did max rope climbs in 5 min. Super fun trying something I get nervous to do in wods. I ended up with 10! whaaaaat. Still need to work on my foot grip. Started slipping as I got tired. 

The wod was rough. 

Squat snatches get me every time. When I have to go fast my form starts sucking and I don’t get every attempt. Def need all the practice so it was good. I got most of my C2B to actually touch! Lol and about those SHSPUs lol yeaaaa those turned into kipping. 

Four miles later..the day was done. So much fun. I def need to start building up my eventual home garage gym. Assault Bike search begins. 

The rest of my Saturday was full of laziness. I sped to ashton’s vet appointment! (where did time go, flys when you’re having fun), stopped at redbox, showered, and posted up on the couch for the rest of the night! It felt aaaamazing. 

Leftover pizza was consumed. I have no pizza self control. haha and pumpkin spice oreos. Damn sweet tooth. 

Well I was going to post pics of my weekday food but wordpress is telling me i’ve exceeded my limit. hmmmm. I’ll have to figure this out and update later!! Does the new iphone save pics in bigger file sizes?! Shit. 

Y’all have a wonderful night and hopefully I get this fixed soon! 

live in the now.

It’s been a stressful week to say the least. Aaaand it’s only Wednesday. lol 

Alllll da coffee. Those sugar free syrups have saved my life on the coffee front. 

I have stuck with RP though! (one stress apple eaten last night lol) and weighed in this morning the least i’ve weighed in over a year! 132.5 and counting! whoop whoop! 

Cut 2 hasn’t been as big of a struggle as I thought! Weird, since it took out my fats, aka peanut butter. 

The biggest struggle is my work schedule. I started the new group classes this week! Today specifically. It didn’t go too bad…especially after my buddy chad talked me off the ledge before the gold fitness class hahaha no joke. I really don’t handle stress well! 

I was also stressed about my daily crossfit schedule!! That. is. a. must. 

Turns out, I actually enjoy the noon open gym time! Less distractions. 

Kinda. lol

The owner has been there the past two days. My training time has gone down a bit hahahaha We have actually had some amazing heart to heart conversations that have been much needed in my life. Never would have expected it from him. The conversation went from me being on RP, to me doing RP to get abs and a bicep vein (lol #goals), to me doing this hard core for my birthday, because if I’m going to be old (34) and single I might has well have abs to be happy about something lol, to do I want to a be married eventually, to my frustrations about myself always doing the same thing and becoming weird/quiet/odd when I find a guy attractive and  no one would stick around and like that, to that behavior also getting in the way of my career, to helping me get over it all by living in the now. 

Seriously some long crazy, but awesome conversations this week. I’m tired of the same old pattern happening over and over again, and I’m making it happen everytime because that’s what I’m used to. I’m scared of it happening to the point I make it happen. I go right back to the same super weird behavior. Not me at all. I go mute! I’m thinking about what’s always happened in the past, I’m thinking about what I want so bad for the future and I forget to just be me, in the present. It pushes people away. So I’m working on that. Time to forget the past. Time to have fun with what’s going on in that exact moment. Stop thinking! Time to enjoy my new house, my puppy, my friends, my job, CROSSFIT, getting abs!

Kinda funny that the guy I joke about being scared of has given me some of the best advice personally and professionally I could asked for right now. 

Okkkk..back to RP related stuff only! It was just a crazy couple of days for me so I needed to vent/get it out! 

Here are some picture of my cut 2 meals from the past two days. I could seriously eat sweet potato for every carb gram and be a happy girl. 

This wood table and dish towel are killin me with how country they look! NOT my style. Yikes. lol New placemats needed asap! lol

Welp, time for bed so I can get coffee and food faster hahaha and get one day closer to eventually working out with my #GBG favs again. *tear* it’s been a weird week with one hurt and the other getting prepped for their wedding this Saturday! I miss our trio. 

Happy hump day. Night y’all!



#me #onRP 


i need more hours in the day.

Still here y’all! Just busy and putting sleep above anything these days. This is a poor excuse for a blog post, i’ve just got a lot on my mind recently and top that with being busy, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Fingers crossed this gets better soon! 

Also, when I’m hungry from cutting the last thing I want to do is stay up just to write! …and look at food pics from the day. lol 

I made it through a weekend with my mom here sticking to the cut. Suuuuuper frustrating waking up today weighing exactly what I weighed in at two ago at the beginning of this cut 1. Grrrrrrrrrr. I’m moving to cut 2 today to see how that effects me. This is testing my patience, but I want to give it a full blow try. Here are some examples of my meals from cut 1. What comes next will be my cut 2 experience! (i took out quest bars!!! eeeek *tear*)

Also, when your mom comes for the weekend and knows you’re on a diet and brings her own food. haha!

It has been the biggest struggle with my mom in town and sticking to my rp meals. My mom is someone who I usually get pizza with!! my faaaaaav!!! Dying. But I want this so bad. I’ve never stuck to a diet. Hoping cut 2 goes better than cut 1. 

This week will be different because my work schedule is changing for the fall. I’m not gonna see my #GBG favs as much. Gonna have to push myself and not rely on them. Sucks. That’s part of the fun that I look forward to each week. Watch out. I’m bout to be hangry AND sad this week. lol! 

Here’s to cut 2! Bring it RP. Happy Monday y’all.

Me. On Saturdays. Or when I don’t get to be with my #GBG favs.

My fav weekend outfit. lol

I’ll reallllly need ashton this week!! lol

Aaaand just broke my throat. Nice talkin to ya.

giving it another go.

Week 2 on the cut. I decided to give Cut 1 another chance. Maybe my body just needs to get used to this difference in food. 

Monday started as usual. Coffee ASAP. Getting ready for work. Then food.

I made my egg white bake again to make my mornings soooo much easier. I had forgotten how much less time was used in the morning by doing this!

I might try and switch thing sup next week week. I have found myself immediately craving something sweet after this. Not getting a piece of toast or bagel makes me crave something else. I start chugging a Rockstar to get my fix as soon as I’m done eating. Lol 

At work yesterday I ate my blueberry muffin quest bar (forgot to snap a pic) and also caved and drank a coffee. Somehow I choked down a decaf. I am addicted. I needed that coffee fix!!! Hahahaha

After work I ran to Meijer really fast because I knew snatches were coming tonight at crossfit and I needed more tape for my thumbs. I’m too used to it so it feels weird and throws me off without it! Lol

Damn Meijer…

I am totally saving these for after the cut. Do you think they will last that long?! Will my willpower last that long?! Lol!

On a more RP friendly note…

These macros are better than Kodiak Power Cakes! Can’t wait to test our the flavor though. That will be the true test!

By the time I got home I ate snacks on snacks. #hangry

Gettin in dem greens.

I spent the afternoon sorting out all of my bills from that oh so awesome ER visit a few weeks ago! :-\ 

Ashton and I got out for a little walk to get some air!

My last meal before the gym:

Def gotta find some other way to get in the spinach. That fat free dressing is horrendous. lol Thank goodness for ground turkey and brown rice with salt eaten after it to take the taste out of my mouth! Yikes! 

Crossfit was a rough one. I forgot to get a pic of the board. There were 55’s fo dayz.  Power Snatches, pull-ups, cal row and HSPU’s. Miss Stubborn didn’t scale anything. Others just did 35 pull-ups so they could make it to the HSPU’s. I did 55. lol And only got to 52 cals on the row. Damnit. I did 10 HSPU’s in a row for the hell of it after the wod. lol Alsmost forgot we did an EMOM before the wod! 70% hang power snatch+power snatch. 8 min.  I did this at 75#. I could feel a few snatches felt better than others.  Still working on that form. 

PCS started as an EMOM. 70% Pausing OHS+OHS. 8 minutes. I used 75#. That’s based on my snatch, not OHS since we had to snatch it up from the floor. 

Next we skipped #GBG snatch work since we just did snatches on snatches. lol We went to GHDSP and Hip Extentions. 50/35/20 of each! I’m shocked I can walk today. What I’m sore from is what’s next. 

Build up 3 minutes of Ring Support, 3 minutes of bottom of dip on rings, 3 minutes false grip pull up hold. I did ring row hold here. lol And obviously do it wrong, because my biceps are sore, not my lats. 😐 

Finally I did a few practice attempts at butterfly pull-ups. During the WOD the owner had written a note on the board for “LJ-Butterfly” …Apparently I need to learn butterfly pull-ups before the open next year! #goals #yesplease 

This could take awhile. Sets of 3 foreverrrr. lol

I was starving after this. The intra gatorade and post workout why protein shake were gone. 


More ground turkey and riced cauliflower with salt and a pumpkin spice bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese+white chocolate wonderful pb as dessert! 

I was exauhsted after this and needed sleep. Went to bed early, for me. Must. Stretch. Tonight!

When I have no idea where my times goes…

#me #everyclassiteach

#imisspizza #ineedhalo

cutting, crossfit and coffeeeeee. 

Yep, still alive! Lol Just busy and putting sleep before writing. 

One week is down on Cut 1 of the RP diet. It’s been a slight struggle. Just feeling hungry a lot more. The scale hasn’t moved at all except for up and then back down to my starting weight. Whomp whomp. Frustrating to say the least. My meals have all been the same, every single day. So you haven’t missed much. It’s easier that way for me when I’m trying to fit in foods that aren’t on their list and have to count the macros in them to fit my allowed macros per meal. 

I’ll be sticking with it again this week. Not sure if I should do cut 2 instead. I’ll be asking some others about that who have done this diet and see what they think since I didn’t lose any weight at all.

Here are some pics from the week! 

A few usual work snacks…

Typical meal three…kernal seasons are life. #cantstopwontstop

Meal 4 before gym time…

I’ve been drinking some Gatorade as an intra carb for my workouts. Plus protein shake right after! No pics. It’s boring. Hahaha


Yesterday was my first Non training day and said goodbye to more carbs but hello to more fat! Breakfast was sweet….because sweet tooth probs.

Brought back my riced cauliflower “proats”. Does the trick ya’ll!

Then work snack from above since I miss sleeveless saturdays working. 😦

When I came home I ate something you miiiight find weird…sweet egg this on IG, obviously. Lol

I actually really liked this! Haha

When I scrambled the egg whites, I mixed in stevia, cinnamon  and vanilla extract. Then topped with PEANUT BUTTER! Seriously. So good. Lol #nocarblife

Next meal was a quest bar. These things are life. But so many carbs. Are there any healthy protein bars with less carbs?!

I cleaned up a bit around the house then decided a nap sounded pretty good haha shocker. I needed to rest up for a surprise birthday party at night!

I woke up way too late to walk ash, get my second to last meal in, and get ready before dinner with everyone before. Lol

Sooo I just took my time with all of that and got all of my protein, veg and fats in!

That stir fry mix is delicious. But I have to add carbs in, it’s not just veggies. 

After getting ready for a bit, and walking ash, I needed to fit in more protein and fats. The extra carbs and veg will have to be consumed in liquids later…lol

The night was super fun. The birthday girl was surprised! Yay! No one ruined it..that I know of. Lol

I was proud of myself staying out longer than others! Lol I made it to the second bar and then peaced.

Not pictured..a bowl of pumpkin spice cheerios with the hopes I’d feel good enough to get to open gym in the morning. Lol

It worked! I’m up and at it. Coffee chugged. Ready for an aerobic “non training eating” day. Week one almost done. Bring on next week! I actually feel better even though I didn’t lose weight. Maybe I gained some muscle. Lol Maybe my inability to read and doing extra deads this week put on dat muscle. Hahah #iwish

Enjoy your day! I hope to be productive and take ash out on a little hike to enjoy this sun while we have it! 

Peace y’all.


What are normal clothes?!



Starting the week with coffee…lots and lots of coffee…and thankfulness. For so many things. Thankful for new people in my life who brought me out of a rut I couldn’t get out of. The things you don’t see coming are pretty awesome. The things you try to avoid, but finally give in to and they make you happier than expected. Letting go of the old is hard, but great too. The past few days have been some of my favorites.  A little monday motivation I guess. I just hate how I felt before and really like how meeting unexpected people helped. I think I was writing to give my mind something else to think about. Recently, I’ve been having less time, or less priority on writing because I am happier with other things. Sorry about that. I’ll keep up more with my RP journey. Another accountability spot! 

I started back on RP cut. I attempted this in February with no luck. I quit on cut 1 because, one: I didn’t want to give up peanut butter, two: i am a perfectionist and thought I was failing so hard. I’ve been reminded to give myself some slack. So that’s what I’m doing. This is going to be a journey for me! No one else. Super pumped for this to start. I’ve loved meeting people who are into food the way I am. Fun cuts, masses and treats! Lol It’s motivated me to get back on this cut knowing there are people who support it. 

Breakfast was…coffee and protein and veggies. Noooo fat or carbs! #rough

Used my easy eggwiches in the microwave so I didn’t have to use oil. I def need to soak up some of the water from the frozen veggies better next time lol It wouldn’t set up. But decent with a little salt!

I was at work from about 6 am til 11ish. One cup of coffee on my first break! (No cream ahhhh) and a quest bar for my second break! I forgot there are carbs in here I need to count. Oops!

I had a client change her workout time to 4:30pm so I knew I was going to miss 4:30 and 5:30 pm crossfit class tonight. I thought about going and getting pcs in before 6:30 but when I got message from my favs about how much pcs…I wanted to get it alllll in! I decided to hurry to noon after rushing home to get ready! I was super pumped that Megan joined. Too bad Glenn couldn’t too. Sunday Funday was my fav sunday yet. I want more of those. 

The wod was fun…since the owner was there he ended up making it a team wod. Aka..super happy for breaks! Lol

The scariest part…the bike. Lol The numbers changed a bit for partners but still…yikes. We need to use the bike more! Lol  I feel bad for all the clients I make use the bike at the end of every workout now. Lol

It was fun having our owner there to coach on the cleans. I can always get tips on those! I do so many lifts super fast and pull too early. 

We ended up with 20:15. Not bad. We ended up on the floor so it was a success. Lol

Finally we got to the fun PCS by *coach* G. 

Light snatch work. Always needed for this girl! One of these days I’ll enjoy snatches. One of these days..

Those ring L-sits. Holy. Shit. Sooooo much harder than bar hanging L-sits!!! Wow. But good! I want to do those again!

I’ll def have bruises from the ring MU progressions. Shocker. Lol When do I not bruise.

So much fun. We just needed our *coach* lol

I had to speeeeed home to eat, shower and head back for my training session that was moved up to 4:15 while I was at the gym! EEEK She emailed asking to move up. I barely made it. Food was BAE. Lol

Fiiiiiinally some carby carbs! Hahahaha

The session went well. She always schedules for evening which makes me sad but more noon open gym time it will have to be!

I drove up to GNC to find my good ol chocolate Casein protein for my evening meal. Of course they didn’t have it. So I drove down to Vitamin Shoppe and thank goodness they had it because i was getting hangry! Lol 

When you’re hangry and needing to make zoodles…it’s never a good night. I have never zoodled so fast! Lol!!!

Then I added in a pumpkin bagel with cream cheese and pb before starting laundry and cleaning up the kitchen!

I totally failed and added carbs up wrong. I ate 8g over today. Shit. First day fail. Better luck tomorrow! Lol

Finished the night with my casein pudding and a baby dollop of pb since I didn’t ration that out properly either. Lol!!

Now it’s time for stetching, that I forgot last night, and bed! Early day again tomorrow! Night my peeps! And don’t be scared of letting go of what isn’t making you happy! Just be happy!!!!!!!

When you know squats are coming tomorrow.

RP cut life feels. 

heyyyy peeps, heyyy!

I am baaack! I’ll never stop writing! I promise lol I just seem to love sleep and also seem to be getting super busy at night these days! I need to find a new daily routine to fit everything in! Don’t forget about me. I’ll always come back. 😛

My life was pretty much usual Thursday and Friday. All da coffee, food and crossfit. 

I actually got in some fun reading before crossfit open gym Thursday!! It had been too long.

Open gym was different than usual. 

When you are tired of dying mid wod so you add an aerobic day to your week. *nervous sweating emoji* lols

I have never sweat so much at open gym. So much less walking around trying to figure out what I’m going to do.

Not a single barbell was lifted!

Some fun little gymnasty work was after the sweat sesh. Attempted to get into a handstand on the parellettes! Then tried some yoga poses that help with attempting to go from an L-sit to a handstand. How do fingers have muscles that can hold your body weight?!?! I need to work on those lol #babyhandprobs 

There were also some first time ring handstand push-ups involved…not by me. I’m a good videographer lol if that’s the right word. Lol 

Thursday Open Gym day was a MUCH better success than when I’m there alone with no plan! This girl needs a PLAN! lol

Usual din din, stretching, and workout writing.

holy shit you guys…best combo ever…pumpkin spice bagel + 8g of pumpkin cream cheese + 8g of white chocolate wonderful peanut butter!!!! I want this every day of my life. 


It was so f-ing nice out I had to soak it up after this nasty cold week! 

I came in only for a snack and getting ready for crossfitting.

It was a rough day. It was one of those days where I went RX because I’m stubborn and was the last person working at the end. Damn squat snatches. One of these days….I def need to work on them EVERY. WEEK. 

Saturday was sliiiightly different lol. Especially when breakfast started like this..

I need smaller bowls. Lol

Then some protein on the way to work!

Nooo one showed up to my class. So coffee number three happened. Then I had 3 back to back clients before I was freeee for the weekend. 

I had to rush home and freshen up for Oktoberfest with some non crossfit fun with some of my crossfitters! 

Squeezed in some more protein before heading out!

Then the fun began…


I ended up meeting my other friend erika for a bit then headed home. Long day for this chick. Not my usual cozy night in! Lol 

Sunday Funday was coming too soon.

Today has been productive/lazy. And the rest of the day will continue with the lazy theme. 

All da coffee and breakfast. 

Somehow didn’t get the pic of my eggwhite bake minus cheese but there was some protein inhaled. I promise! Lol

Small baby one serving of pumpkin spice cheerios. I wasn’t feeling the big bowl after Oktoberfest shenanigans last night. #fat

I got busy around my house and reading articles on girls massing. I’m officially starting the RP cut again tomorrow. I saw this timehop come through and realized I’ve wanted this for a year now with no success with my usual ways. Aka cheat Saturdays. 

 Ab goals. Plus strength goals. I want to get better in crossfit and I feel stuck right now. I’m ready to cut and then POSSIBLY mass after. I’m slightly freaked out by the fat that gets gained during massing too. Lol I’ll be reading more during this cut and make my decission later. 

Sunday Funday was a success! Less walking around…more puttin in dat work! 

Started with conditioning…whew..rough but fun!!! Weirdly, the power cleans were my fav part. Least fav, run. Yikes. But then you turn around and see shirts off, heyyyyyy! ;-P

I got allllmost 8 rounds. I was out on the run when the time cap ended. 

Next we did some deadlifts. I’m gonna need a sparkly belt like Megan. It’s official. #sojealous 

I haven’t done deadlifts PCS style in FOREVER! It was pretty bomb. 

Next we did the muscle up work. I worked on bar MU’s instead of ring. I was super f-ing shocked I got so many. I haven’t done them in so long. I still had my little chicken wing. I need to work on my sticking my quick sit-up, THEN the dip up on the bar. Slowww down.

Last, the midline. My grip is soooo bad. I had to stop like 3450809 times. I hate these, so I need to do them more. Lol 

The handstand walks took me awhile but were fun. I love when I get a random time that feels “good”. I feel balanced and walking for like “2 floor tiles” in our gym. Maybe 12 ft?! Those are far and few between though lol The bear hug walk almost got me. I had to pause for a second and regrip the ball. 


Super fun Sunday Funday. Best one of I’ve had yet. All da work! 

Next up, grocery trip for RP food! Time to get more veggies in my life. Frozen pre-cut veggies = my life is easier. More likely to eat them. 

Time to think of days and weekends as allll the same. No more weekend calories don’t count mentality. Lol

After the grocery I fuled up and took ash for a sunday stroll to soak up the sun. 

There may or may not have been some pumpkin spice pretzels eaten too. Lol

I need to mow..but need a relaxing day too. Lol The rest of this day is going to boring so I’ll spare you on writing again tonight. 

Monday Starts my RP cut journey so get ready for the less peanut butter mood swings. 😉 

#abgoals #bicepveins #stronggirls 

Yes. This is crossfit, fitness, macros to me. So when my job takes that away from me, this is why I’m freaking out. This is my shit. 

Def need to put my thing down flip it & reverse it. Otherwise, nope. 

No. More.

Good start.