crossfit. x2.

When is Chad coming back. 

Exhausted is an understatement at this point. 

This will no doubt be a super quick blog because I didn’t get a nap today. Started at 5:30 am (3:45 am alarm) and went until 5pm. One 2.5 hour break to run home, eat, get gym bag ready and NOT nap because handy men were here today to work on the list of item from my home inspection that needed fixed. Plus, they installed a window AC unit upstairs. So now I can write in coolness.

Breakfast. You already know.

When I was looking for ash so I could put him in his crate before leaving..I found him in his new fav spot..

Waiting to go upstairs. Lol

I was still super hungry so I had this protein bar on the way to work.

These are decent. I’ll buy them again!

Work was in sane. 3.5 hours of straight training sessions. The worst part…watching everyone drink coffee. 

I may or may not have sprinted to the coffee pot the second I had a 30 minute break in sessions. Plus ate my veggie chips.

I didn’t plan food well today. I had to dig into the ladies locker room lounge stash. I was there until 1 pm without lunch. HANGRY LIKE WHOA. I had to go sit in my car to let my phone charge during one of my breaks. Literally almost fell asleep. So then I was hangry and tired. Not good.

When I finally got to go home I had my usual lunch plus snacks before heading BACK for 2 more late sessions. #strugglebus

Thank fully my last appointment came 10 minute early so I was able to peace out slightly early to speed to CROSSFIT! YASS! Happy place.

Today wod was all da cardio. Which I was sad about no barbell…but I was probably needing this to ease into the night after being so mentally and physically exhausted. 

My first round of rowing was my slowest. I wish I would have picked the faster pace during that round.

After this I decided to do yesterdays wod that I missed. I got some eye candy help on the MU progression. Goals…get to the fun flip progression. The progression I used was still super hard for me. I have some narley bruises already to prove it. I used the RX weight. And got a “talking to” by one of our coaches, Jake. He made good points. Telling me to look at wod’s and what they are meant to do. I missed what was supposed to come out of this wod by using too heavy of weight and having to drop the bar everytime for the hang cleans. He told me about a podcast by Ben Bergeron to listen to. He coudln’t find the title of it so I just found one on YouTube that was actually pretty good as well. 

It was all about people who compete themselves out of shape. They are measuring themselves up to other people’s scores or your best score and then find shortcuts to do better. Gains are minimual or negative. 


This sounds just like me. 

He said that’s like competing every day. We should be Practicing 45%, Training 45% and Competing 10%. 

I was telling Jake I feel like everyone is getting better than me and I’m just stuck. This could be why. New Lauren. Tomorrow. 

Time to work on snatches tomorrow. 

I was going to do that..and pull-ups. But got talked in to some HSPU’s by my buddy Sam. 

I actually got SEVEN STRICT HSPUs! WTF!! Where did that come from?! But then that killed me on the kipping. I could only get up to 9. 

I tried my ring MU’s again after class after watching some good tips. 

So. Fucking. Close. Gotta whip my legs back. Grrrr. Soon. 

Dinner was my “white bowl” plus PB as dessert!

OK. Time for bed. Morning starts at Crunch tomorrow! My “late” morning at 6 am. Lol

Night peeps.



#me #everytime #shit 



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