two more days and counting.

That about sums me up. #alldacoffee #soweird

Two more 5:30 am days. But who’s counting. 

Another quickie so I can get some sleep. 😉 

Breakfast as usual! Plus I was hungry as usual also I ate the protein bar on the way to Crunch to teach my class.

I had two ladies show up to class. Fun times as always. Still keeping my fingers crossed for teaching Pound soon! By far my fav class to teach. 

Work was busy busy. Only one break that consumed with coffee, my veggie chips and workout plans. I was done at 11:30 for the morning so I sped home to eat and NAP!!! I heard this on my iPod shuffle on the way..

Forgot about this song! Always a goodie. And still sad Sam Hunt is married now. 😉 

Time hop is going to kill me with baby ash pics.

He would drag that kettle bell around now. 

Lunch was my usual extra lean ground turkey, spinach salad with wonton strips and some bell pepper.

Aaaaaaand NAP TIME!!! A full hour. Closing my eyes never felt so good. 

Woke up in time to write a workout, pack my gym bag and eat a snack!

Oh and when you freshen up your make up after sleeping and drop your NOT cheap wal-mart eye shadow and it shatters in the sink… #storyofmylife #whyidontbuyexpensiveshit

You better believe I wiped that shit up and will use what I can! #cheap

Maybe food will make it better..

Peanut butter makes everything better.

Work was work. My boss tried talking to me when i said I was rushing to crossfit and I about freaked out. Internally of course. I have never speed walked so fast to my car. Might have ran a red light..or two. 

Barelyyyy made it to 5:30! 

I def scaled the weight…and still died. got 40 reps using 65#. I used the 20# wallball. Probably shouldn’t have. Didn’t get the full stimulus of the workout. Eye candy was right on that note. I was already scaling the weight of the bar…why not scale that too. Damnit. Next time! I still liked hearing that he scaled the weight too. It helps me get past the new idea of scaling to get more efficient before always RXing. 

The lifting before was fun. I read a blog from Crossfit Invictus Tonight about working on snatch balance to help with snatches and dropping under the weight sooooo Sunday Funday it is! I was going to go to Thursday’s open gym…but of course I was given another 5pm client tomorrow. When it comes to crossfit and work balance, I’m not winning. On a good note..the shirt came off tonight. So at least we were winning there. #snatchmotivation lol

After watching eye candy and company do low ring planks …I knew I had to add this to my PCS. Gotta catch up to dem abs! 

Also did my pull-ups all in hollow hold. Not sure if it’s the hollow position..but I feel like I have to pee when I get towards 6/7 pull-ups hahahaha wtf. 

The bi’s for the guys was too light. I swear I used that weight last time and I struggled. I need to add 10’s next time. Maybe we did a very bicep focused wod last time?!

Before leaving I did my long lost dub practice! 5 sets of 20. 30 seconds rest between. The first set was the only one I messed up once at 14 then finished it out. The rest were unbroken! whew! Still got it. 

When I got home I almost missed my driveway…I noticed i FINALLY have flowers!!! My FIRST home grown flowers from bulbs! I didn’t kill something. Totally Susie homemaker now. Watch out.

Dinner was outside in the PERFECT weather.

Extra lean ground turkey, riced cauliflower, brown rice and light canola oil butter. alarm is going off in almost 4.5 hours. Ugh. Time for bed!

Night ya’ll.


#allday #erryday

How did they find my exact words?! 

#whycantitalk #smh #imsoweird 


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