sleep, eat, work, repeat. 


Is it Sunday yet when I don’t have to set an alarm? 

Not even in bed yet and I already can’t wait for coffee tomorrow. One more early ass morning. Chad’s flight better not get delayed. 😉 

When your s’mores mini bagels finally come in handy on National S’mores Day. 

If only I had a s’mores quest bar. 😦 

Settled for another Think Thin protein bar. Since I’m always hungry. I’m telling myself my baby muscles are growing. Lol Eaten on the way to work!

I had one 30 minute break today between 5:30 am and 11:30 am. That’s a lot of workin people out! I chugged coffee and worked on some more workout plans during the break. Oh and ate my veggie chips. 

Somehow…I don’t remember how…a conversation got started between me and two guys about my bicep vein goals. Hahaha One guy thought I was crazy and told me not to get “too big” #eyeroll 

The other guy had a bicep vein and wants the cross vein he used to get back in college. Lol They told me to start wearing tshirts so they can see the progress. 

Trust me…the day I get a bicep vein I will brave the ice box we call a gym and wear a tank top!!! LOL!

After my last session I was ready to RUN out of there for food and sleep. 

Pandora always pops on first for some reason in my car when I plug in my phone. This song came on..Florida Georgia Line might be one of my fav country bands. 

Lunch was boring. #sameolsameol

I didn’t even care. I just wanted sleep.  I didn’t have another appointment until 4pm!! 

…until a client text me asking if I could squeeze her in for a stretch session. 😦 

At least I was able to put her in at 3:30. But that was 30 minutes of good napping gone! 

I still got 1 1/2 hour nap. When my alarm went off..I set it for 10 more minutes. Need. More. Sleep. 

Got up finally and ate a snack before heading back to work from 3:30 til 6pm. 

Carbs and fats. My favs. Lol

My stretch session went well. She is one of my super sweet training clients.

Buuuut then what people keep asking me about…finally happened. 

She asked if she could give my number to her single 28 year old nephew. Apparently since I’m “newer” to town and need to see more of cincy and get out, he is a great person for that. Lol 

Oh dear. 

People keep asking me if I’ve met any cute guys at the country club since starting my new job…or…like this…met a cute son or relative. That took a good whole 2 months. Lol This is going to be interesting. 

My other two appointments went by pretty fast. I had one little 30 minute break between them. 

Afterwards I was already starving again. Lol I had to get gas which seemed to take so much extra time when I’m hangry!!!

No crossfit tonight. For one, I am exauhsted and two, super late clients. Next week hopefully I can make Thursday Funday. All da practice needs to start happening. Technique. Form. Strength. I found a video on IG today that I’d LOVE to try to help with bar muscle ups and help me get rid of my chicken wing. Hurting my shoulder is not an option. Fuck that. PRACTICE! 

Dinner mood = need cheat macros. #itallfit #boom 

One of those days where things got to me. Needed a pick me up to snap out of it. 

We can just look a little closer at the star of the meal..

Salted Carmel Oreo thins dipped in peanut butter to round out the Fat macros! At this point I wanted the whole container. Promise I didn’t…..seriously. Lol

Thank goodness for Ashton to brighten my mood. My ride or die..sidekick fo life…reading buddy..writing buddy. #alldalove

My one year reminders..melting my heart..and making me smile..

I literally had to crawl under this car in office clothes to get him out and get back to work. #alwaysmystinkerbutt 

One more super early morning. Bring it. And coffee. 

Night peeps.


#ipodshuffleftw #youknowyouloveit

#me #thisweekend 


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