Survived. And learned.

Survived my last day as Chad. As I look back I realize, even though exauhsting, it was mostly fun times. I learned so so much. What works, what doesn’t work, how different people react to the exact same exercise differently. You really have to learn about your clients. My biggest struggle. Missing crossfit for late sessions. Lol Crossfit is my ME time. My favorite time. My work towards goals time. My friend time. My eye candy time. Don’t take this away from me. Lol And don’t make me work super early if I have to work super late too. Lol My body seriously hates me right now from lack of sleep. 

I started today with allll da coffee. Plus the usual breakfast and protein bar.

I had my last 5:30 am client and a 6 am Functional Training Class.

Holy shit I had 10 people show up. If you knew how big this room was you’d freak out too. Lol I think the most I’ve had before was 5. There are 12 stations in this circuit. I almost ran out of stations! It was crazy…and amazballs. 

I had 3 more clients..a couple breaks and done by 10:30. I was so out of it this morning I forgot my work snack. :-\

So ladies lounge snack to the rescue. I’m seriously SOOOOO hungry non stop right now. I have no clue what’s up. I was dying.

Snacked and drank coffee while finishing up some workout plans. 

I was supposed to have another client at 3..but as I was making lunch at home she canceled. I usually hate that…but today I was beyond happy. That meant longest nap ever was about to go down. 

But first food, because my stomach was eating itself. 

I had to eat in three stages because I couldn’t wait that long to eat after making everything. That waffle eggwhite and butter sandwich is total randomness. Lol I ran out of protein last night! Soooo this happened. lol Actually wasn’t too bad. 

I just wanted sleep.

2.5ish hours later…I finally made myself get out of bed. 

For more food…and GOT!!!! 

There was no measuring the PB today. I seriously feel so weird from how hungry I constantly am! It’s cray. 

Then I got ready for the first of our “the box tour” stops. There are a group of crossfit gyms around the city all participating in this. It’s free, no drop in fee, and we get to try out another gym and get to know other crossfitters. I’m super pumped. Especially for Conjugate. 

We were downtown! Fun but weird workout. There was a bit too much rest for me. The working part was the wod was good. Besides the inch worms. Lol I got to talk to a girl from my team. She was super nice and I got to learn more about how things are done at their gym. It makes you appreciate certain things about your home gym even more. 

I carpooled with some of my favs. Fav coaches, fav eye candy. Good conversations. This reminded me of it while I was scrolling through IG.

It was mentioned being lucky to not have, I guess responsibilities at home, like a wife, or fiancé, or family or whatnot that you have to worry about. If I want to go to crossfit. I’m gonna go to crossfit. Some guys from our gym left..and apparently quit going. This meme is what I’m looking for (but crossfitter lol) When I get to that point of having those responsibilities at home, I want that husband or fiancé to be into it just as much as me. I don’t want to eventually have to chose. There is a couple at our gym who will rotate which classes they come to, or sometimes use the babysitting and come together. That. Is. Goals. Someone to look hot together. I just need to find some eye candy that is actually available. Lol Whomp Whomp. :-/

Of course I was starving by the time I got home. The fact I had to make the chicken was killing me. I was ready to eat just rice and cauliflower. 

Longest minutes of my life.


Chicken with season salt, brown rice and riced cauliflower with light canola oil butter and salt. 

Now couch cuddles and more GOT with my main boo.

Shit…she’s got the camera

Omg you guys…

She has DRAGONS!!!! but i have to go to bed!


I wanna watch more!

If I’m totally unproductive tomorrow on cheat day and finally get a big meal in my belly and binge watch GOT…don’t judge. 

Night peeps.


..Feeling bad I didn’t put dumbbells and KB’s away tonight. Fuck. …

Apparently I was in 101 Dalmatians. 


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